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Enclosed Blinds

Western Reflections enclosed blinds between glass
Enclosed Blinds
Full doorlites RLB-2064/2264-1L
Western Reflections enclosed blinds between glass
Enclosed Blinds
8' doorlite RLB-1480-1L

Use the Western Reflections Doorglass Selector to browse through enclosed blinds under "doorglass types."

No Dusting

Western Reflections blinds between glass are sealed between two glass panels, so no dust or allergens can accumulate on your door blinds.

Western Reflections enclosed blinds - no dusting

Privacy & Light Control

Western Reflections enclosed mini blinds now feature privacy channels on each side of the blinds to eliminate light gaps.

Western Reflections enclosed blinds - privacy and light control

Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR partner Our warm edge spacer system creates energy-efficient, water- and air-resistant doorlites. And our blinds are available with energy-saving Low-E glass.

Western Reflections enclosed blinds - energy efficient

Easy Operation

A single ergonomic controller lets you easily raise, lower, and tilt the blinds to meet your privacy and light needs. Our fingertip controller is designed with a 'reduced travel feature' that allows you to raise or lower the blinds 2" for every 1" you move the controller. You'll never have to stoop or stand on tiptoe to adjust the blinds.

Western Reflections enclosed blinds - easy operation

Child & Pet Friendly

Children and pets can be hard on blinds. Since our internal blinds are sealed between glass, children and pets are protected from dangling cords. Unlike their conventional counterparts, door blinds between glass are protected from excited pets, curious toddlers, and the occasional errant rubber ball.

Western Reflections enclosed blinds - child & pet friendly

Many Styles

Choose the enclosed blind features that are right for you. Enclosed Harmony™ blinds have triple-pane insulation and grilles between glass, to coordinate with your windows. Standard enclosed blinds are sealed between two tempered glass or severe weather glass panels. Door blinds are available for standard 6'8" and 8' fiberglass or steel patio doors and hinged exterior doors.

Western Reflections enclosed blinds - harmony blinds - triple-pane insulation, grilles between glass

Pre-installed or Add-on

Western Reflections offers blinds between glass in two forms. If you're buying a new door, choose an insulated doorlite with blinds between the glass. To upgrade your existing door, choose ODL Add-on/DIY Blinds that easily install over your existing doorglass.

Western Reflections enclosed blinds & ODL add-on blinds


Western Reflections enclosed blinds feature a 20-year warranty. Add-on/DIY Blinds & Shades have a 5-year warranty.

Western Reflections enclosed blinds - 20 year warranty; Add-on Blinds - 5 year warranty

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