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Custom Decorative Doorglass

Custom Severe Weather

Western Reflections customizable door glass Western Reflections severe weather door glass takes our custom door glass program to the next level. Change doorglass colors, modify the finish or opacity level, and select the caming finish of your choice. Severe weather door glass provides the protection you need in high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) and High Velocity Windborne Debris areas.

Use the Western Reflections Doorglass Selector to browse through designs that are customizable.

Customizable severe weather doorglass design - St. Charles

St. Charles glass design
Modified glass design

Customizable severe weather doorglass design - London

London glass design
Modified glass design

Customizable severe weather doorglass design - Pembrook

Pembrook glass design
Modified glass design

Severe Weather Frame

Western Reflections' patented frame design, which is mechanically fastened in the corners to prevent flex, adds strength to the exterior door. With a classic frame profile the narrow aluminum extrusion adds strength while maintaining a pleasing shape. The natural contours provide a traditional architectural style, while the white powder coat surface provides a high gloss polished finish.

Western Reflections customizable severe weather doorglass - powder coated aluminum frame
Severe weather powder coated aluminum frame (U.S. Patent No. 5636484)

Impact-resistant Laminated Glass

Western Reflections decorative door glass, blinds and grilles are sealed between impact-resistant laminated glass on the exterior, and tempered safety glass on the interior. The glass is also thermally sealed and insulated for air- and water-tight performance.

Western Reflections customizable severe weather doorglass - impact-resistant laminated glass
Laminated Glass uses 3 layers
0.125" Glass Panel
0.090" PVB Inner Layer
0.125" Glass Panel

Codes & Certifications

A variety of Western Reflections products are designed specifically for high-wind areas, including Florida's Windborne Debris Region and High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), and Texas' Gulf Coast area. Western Reflections severe weather products are tested to meet the impact resistance codes and requirements of Florida and Texas, among others.

Western Reflections customizable severe weather doorglass is designged specifically for high-wind areas

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