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New Products

Learn about new and innovative products that meet consumer demand and industry needs. Be sure to check back often to see what we're working on next.

Decorative Glass

Our new decorative glass patterns are based on current style trends with a timeless design aesthetic to make your entry door a focal point for years to come. Click on the new decorative glass designs at the left to see all the sizes, shapes, and cames available.

Western Reflections - Opticks Privacy Doorglass

Opticks Privacy Doorglass

When Isaac Newton published his book, Opticks, in 1704, he’d never have imagined our new line of door glass. Opticks analyzed the nature of light by means of its refraction with prisms and lenses and its diffraction by closely spaced sheets of glass. Some 300 years later, we bring you Opticks textured door glass that lets light in while protecting your privacy. With modern-day tempering, Low-E coatings, and industry-leading frames.

Western Reflections - Spotlights Door Glass - Authentic Design for the Architectural Enthusiast

Spotlights® Doorglass

The Spotlights collection combines minimalist modern frames with shapes and inserts that complement house architecture from the 1920s to today. With five shapes, five insert options, and your imagination, the possibilities are staggering. And our FiberMate® frame material and compression foam-tape seal make Spotlights a spot-on winner.

Western Reflections Custom Doorglass Program - Decorative Doorglass and Custom Grilles Between Glass (GBGs)

Custom Doorglass Program

Create your own decorative design or customize the glass, size, shape, or caming of one of our existing designs; we’ll handle the rest. If you prefer grilles-between-glass, we’ve got you covered there too. Create your own grille configuration; then choose from dozens of grill color options, and create your own masterpiece.

Western Reflections Evolve® Doorglass Frame

Evolve® Doorglass Frame

The newest doorglass frame from Western Reflections is engineered for top performance. The Evolve® frame eliminates oozing and squeeze-out, reduces scalloping and corner flare, and features auto-aligning screw hole plugs. The frame's dependable compression seal has been designed and tested to withstand extreme weather. Available in maintenance-free white and easy-to-finish oak. Sizes available:

  • Sunburst Doorlite (591)
  • 1/2 View Doorlite (2236)
  • 3/4 View Doorlite (2248)
  • 3/4 (Medium) Oval Doorlite (949)
  • Full View Doorlite (2064)
  • Full View Doorlite (2264)
  • 1/2 View Sidelite (836)
  • 3/4 View Sidelite (848)
  • Full View Sidelite (764)
  • Full View Sidelite (864)

Western Reflections Digital Display

Digital Display

Our new digital display allows you to display a myriad of doorlite designs in one door. It saves space while making it easier for your customer to select just the right door glass.

Western Reflections Display Headers

Display Headers

Newly designed display headers are eye-catching, informative, and easy to add to your existing or new display stands. Each provides a beautiful image and information about the displayed glass and is a perfect complement to the Western Reflections catalog and website.

Western Reflections TriSYS® Frame System

TriSYS® Frame System

Our patented three-part doorglass frame system is designed to meet the needs of consumers and the industry. The TriSYS® frame system has a seamless moulding profile without screw-hole plugs, making it easy to assemble and finish. TriSYS® also features a dry-glaze compression seal for weathertight performance, without wet-caulk squeeze-out.

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