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Doorglass Selector

Western Reflections offers you a wide range of doorglass, from clear to decorative.

View all doorglass designs or search below for the doorglass that meets your needs.

Western Reflections door glass selector

Doorglass Types

From clear glass, to door blinds between the glass, to an array of decorative designs, we have the doorglass that's just right for your home.


Western Reflections offers the Decorative Doorglass Collections, Opticks Privacy Collection, Spotlights® Doorglass Collection, and the Everyday Collection. Choose the doorglass that best complements your style, and functional needs. Learn more >

Shapes & Sizes

Doorglass is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, from full door lites to side lites, transoms to sunbursts, and anywhere in between. Select the shape and size that accents your home's architecture and offers the level of privacy and natural light you prefer. Learn more >


Caming refers to the metal strips in decorative glass that define the design and hold the glass. Choose from a variety of caming colors to accent your décor. Learn more >

Privacy (Opacity)

Doorglass privacy levels range from 1 (clear) to 10 (opaque). Select glass with your desired privacy level. Learn more >

Severe Weather

Our severe weather doorglass, or 'hurricane glass,' is made especially for those living in hurricane and high-wind zones. Learn more >


The Craftsman collection of decorative and clear doorglass is designed to complement the architecture of Craftsman, bungalow, prairie, and cottage style entry doors and homes. Select your preferred Craftsman style. Learn more >

Sound Suppression (STC)

Certain glass types offer additional protection from outside noise, when properly installed in a door system. Find out which designs provide sound suppression. Learn more >

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key component of Western Reflections' doorglass, so we have a lot of energy-smart options. Select your energy-efficient style. Learn more >

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